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Private Medical Health Care

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Our services are confidential and adhere to GDPR guidelines. We focus on getting you the right remote or online help 24/7, anywhere in the country, in the comfort of your home. Our service integrates with other forms of ongoing health and mental care being provided by others e.g. GP, hospital, voluntary sector, etc.


Why work with the Health Choices Team? 

  • We provide national coverage across the UK covering all spectrums of mental health.
  • Our Mental Health Support teamwork with you throughout your journey to achieve the results that you desire. Transforming quality of life and family life.
  • We’re available 7 days a week providing remote appointments that are non-restrictive and give you the privacy and assurance building trust.
  • We’re registered by the Care Quality Commission and members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Our approach to Private Mental Health Care

  • Get the right diagnosis and a holistic treatment plan tailored to you
  • Be prescribed the right medical care to treat the symptoms restricting your life
  • Understand your condition and work with your body and mind to prevent your symptoms from dominating your life


The first step towards treatment is a comprehensive assessment. During this appointment, you will work closely with one of our experts to discuss and understand your thoughts and feelings. This not only gives your therapist an opportunity to get to know you better, but it also allows you to develop a trusting relationship where you feel comfortable and supported.

After your assessment, you will receive an accurate diagnosis and be able to discuss the most effective form of treatment to help manage your symptoms.

Customised Treatment Plan

Once we have gained a thorough understanding of the issues you are dealing with every day, the next step is to begin treatment. Because the right approach for you will depend on your condition, preferences, and personality, we tailor your treatment plan to you and only you.

Ongoing Support and Treatment 

Our bespoke treatment plans are designed to give you the tools and techniques you need to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life over time. But that does not mean you need to handle any resurfacing symptoms alone. We always encourage clients to attend follow-up appointments with us, where they can track progress, share concerns, and request adjustments to their care plan if needed.



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