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Uniformed Services

Uniformed services are bodies of people in employment of a state who

wear a distinct uniform that differentiates them from the general public. Their purpose is to maintain the peace, security, safety, and health of the public they serve. Examples include military personnel, police officers, corrections and firefighters.


 At Healthchoices Global we understand the unique pressures wearing a uniform can bring. Our teams assist Police, Fire, Ambulance and Military Services to provide the tools and techniques to their people they need to maintain good mental health. We’ve seen first-hand the unique challenges they (and their families) experience, as well as the life-changing effects of serious incidents at work. That’s why our mental health training offers the support and care they need to be strong and resilient in the face of crisis.


Our team are focused to support UK and International uniformed services to help them build support systems that protect their mental health in the workplace. Whether it’s back to work programs, returning to civilian life or recovering from incidents – we’re here to help your teams manage their mental wellbeing throughout the process. Our professional support is designed to meet medical and occupational standards – helping your people to live a safer, healthier life at work and home.

We have implemented many new interventions including deploying expert mental health professionals to the front line and ensuring that briefing on the support available, assessment and treatment (if required) is offered to every serviceman and woman both before and after deployment.

These improvements have seen stress management being embedded throughout the armed forces, with mental health awareness training, caring leadership and effective line management skills becoming a priority for all levels. We can make a concerted effort to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and further promote awareness of the medical care and support available.

Our business team is always at hand to you to talk through how we may be able to assist.



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