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Corporate Wellness Programmes


Definitions of Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs are designed to encourage healthier lifestyle choices in the workplace, generally covering any workplace activity or policy that supports the health and wellbeing of employees.

When first approaching corporate wellness, the broadness of the topic can be daunting for companies. Often businesses find it difficult to know which areas of health and wellbeing to invest in.

Each company can break it down any way that works for them, the basics being:

  • Career
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Community
  • Mental

Each employee’s wellbeing is critical in achieving a company’s overall goals and mission. Corporate wellness can act as an influential way to educate employees on the importance of healthy habits and wellbeing goals, creating a full circle of health and success.

We work with you as one team to do the following:

  • Set new standards for workplace wellbeing
  • Nutrition & wellbeing for a healthier, happier, more connected organisation
  • Engage and Inspire Employees
  • Influence Healthier Lifestyles
  • Help boost Workplace wellbeing
  • Workplace wellbeing made simple
  • For employers, workplace wellbeing is a real opportunity to act responsibly and positively impact the lives of every employee.

What are the top 5 benefits of corporate wellness?

There are too many benefits to a corporate wellness programme we are focussing on the top 5.

Employee retention & recruitment

Having a good support system in place attracts future employees, more and more employees consider health and wellness offerings when choosing where to work. Having wellness programs to help employees work towards personal goals increases loyalty and makes employees feel valued and appreciated.

Greater productivity & engagement

Establishing a wellness culture through group health activities makes employees feel more connected to the company. Companies showing that they care about their employees will in return receive an increase in morale, motivation, and productivity. Increasing health can reduce absenteeism, boost job satisfaction, and reduce presenteeism.

Lowers elevated health risks

By keeping on top of, and monitoring, employee’s general health, wellness programs can reduce the risk of every day health threats. Companies can promote an active lifestyle, healthier diet, alcohol and tobacco avoidance. This reduces the risk of diseases e.g., high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

Reduced stress

Corporate wellness plans that target mental wellbeing often promote mindfulness programs. These can reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, improve memory and focus, reduce extreme emotional reactions, improve adaptability.

Reduced costs

By providing preventative health services for employees, businesses can lower their overall outgoing healthcare costs. Examples of preventative services can be frequent check-ups, chiropractic support, or health screenings.

Another way they reduce overall costs is through programmes addressing employee health behaviour. Behavioural change through education, skills, encouragement, and social support help employees adopt and maintain healthy habits. In the long run, this prevents health conditions caused by smoking, substance abuse, or poor diet.

At Health Choices Global we combine the latest behavioural science, positive psychology and expertise from our world-renowned specialists to deliver forward-thinking employee wellbeing programmes to suit your needs. We pride ourselves in our approach to wellbeing and will always use the best, most credible wellbeing experts to create and deliver our sessions.

All of our plans are bespoke and customised.

We have a 3 step process that we go through collectively as a team to identify key areas of focus:

Stage 1

Start with your needs

Everything we do starts with the needs of your business and your employees.

Stage 2

Curate the most relevant activities

We’ll develop and deliver a tailored workplace wellbeing roadmap, drawing from our proven webinars, in-person sessions, and wider content.

Stage 3

Review and embed

We’re passionate about building close relationships over time, building on your quick wins and embedding change for the long term.

We provide webinars and online classes, wellbeing workshops, mental health first aid training, financial wellbeing guidance, keynote speakers – we can provide one off activities for team meetings and away days, wellbeing weeks, activities to mark key awareness days and curate a full wellbeing calendar based on the results of an employee survey and audit.

What is the Return on Investment of your company’s wellness program?

While many companies offer wellness benefits like gym membership reimbursements, these perks fail to make a lasting effect on overall employee health.

The last year and a half have brought about so many workforce trends, it’s hard to keep track:

  • Companies moved to fully remote or hybrid work models
  • Employees demand higher wages, more flexibility, and more comprehensive benefits
  • Corporate health benefits have become a requirement to retaining employees, not just a perk
  • Less distinction between work and home life, which is resulting in burnout
  • In-office perks like free beer and ping-pong tables have become irrelevant

At the same time, our work lives have become no less stressful, as companies struggle to do more with fewer resources. But perks like corporate physical training can improve mental and physical health, reduce absenteeism and save on health care costs — corporate trends that keep employees engaged and companies healthy.

While many companies offer corporate wellness benefits like gym membership reimbursements, smoking cessation tools, and healthy meals or snacks in the office, these perks may fail to make a lasting effect on overall employee health. Employees may get busy and revert to their comfort habits, which may help them get through the push of work. When the company not only offers but facilitates wellness and physical fitness programs, the buy-in and retention rates increase significantly.

Consider your current wellness plan. Now ask yourself:


  • How many of your employees work out every month?
  • How many of your employees make their physical health a priority by taking time out of their workday to exercise?
  • How many of them commit to physical activity even three days a week?
  • How many focus on their mental health?
  • How many feel comfortable enough to come to their employer for help?
  • What is our staff retention rate? 
  • What is are our absentee rates? 

Here are some areas that would work focus on when engaging in initial discussions to collectively build a service that is fit for purpose and supersedes expectations:

Mental Health

Mental health is now recognised as a significant contributory factor in long term absenteeism. Our mental health workshops and training programmes are designed to provide individuals with the tools to recognise ‘mental health’ in the workplace and to support those in crisis. We also provide employees with the necessary tools to engage in open conversations about mental health in the workplace.

Nutritional Health

Nutritional health is the focus of eating the correct foods that give you the nutrients that contribute to your overall health and energy. Our nutritional health workshops are aimed at exploring the importance of a balanced diet and how it can have a positive effect on an individual’s life, both in and outside the workplace.

Physical Health

Physical Health is the promotion of sufficient care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning. In our physical health workshops, we explore the importance of having a balance when it comes to physical activity, nutrition and mental wellbeing, to truly look after our overall physical health.

Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is the promotion of combined elements to encourage employees on how to improve the overall health and wellbeing inside and outside of the workplace. With our employee wellbeing workshops, we explore the many factors that can decrease wellbeing inside and outside of the workplace and provide the tools and resources to overcome these factors while helping your employees improve their general wellbeing.


We work with you to look at Technology solutions that can be easily utilised by employee and company to enhance engagement and provide secure, confidential support. Example of this would be Technology solutions to help mental health Mental health support for companies, through Slack or MS Teams

Mental Health Training

We offer Mental Health First Aid training accredited by Mental Health First Aid England, Suicide Prevention Training, Mental health signposting and support webinars and workshops, Resilience training, Stress Management training and mindfulness and meditation courses.


We’ll work with you to discover your company’s wellbeing needs and create a tailored wellbeing programme for employees to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, increase productivity and motivation, attract and retain talent and support your team in their work and home lives.


Our wellbeing audit examines current employee barriers and enablers to positive wellbeing, and to employee engagement in a wellbeing programme.
We will look at the best way to create a 360° holistic programme, including the working environment, current and future resources available to employees, behavioural opportunities and gaps, and then build a programme based on the findings and the latest behaviour chance science to support ongoing change.


Our wellbeing workshops cover a huge range of topics including nutrition, sleep, resilience, stress management, managing work-life balance, financial wellbeing, creativity for productivity, motivation and physical wellbeing topics. All sessions are created and delivered by the world’s best experts in their field and are tailored to meet the needs of your employees. These sessions can be run face to face or online.

Keynote speakers

We work with keynote speakers from the world of health, wellbeing, sport, psychology, business, leadership and diversity and entertainment to address issues relating to key awareness dates.


All of your events needs taken care of – we will curate tailored events to include face to face or online employee away days, team building activities, annual meeting activities, members events, corporate retreats and training days. These can include wellbeing activities, cookery, art, play, creative activities, outdoor pursuits, exercise sessions, guided tours and wellbeing retreats across the world.


We work with you to create bespoke wellbeing campaigns to address employee wellbeing needs, reflect company values and culture and meet the goals and targets of the business. This could include a monthly wellbeing calendar of events to recognise mental health awareness month, a quarterly wellbeing campaign to address key employee areas of need, or a yearly wellbeing calendar to provide ongoing wellness activities and events.

Activity classes

We have sourced the best teachers from across the globe to provide exercise, fitness, yoga, dance, Tai Chi, posture and movement classes. All of our teachers have corporate expertise and are fully insured and vetted.


Working with our expert coaches we can offer executive coaching, life coaching, health and wellbeing coaching, nutrition consultations, and leadership coaching.

Leadership Training

Leadership is a skill for any role—not just managers. Working with our expert partners, our leadership training packages will help you to become a more successful leader, improve communication and decision making, improve emotional intelligence, manage conflict and build strong, motivated teams. We also offer Diversity and Inclusion training.

Biometric testing

Our team of health professionals will take physical measurements and biometric data to assess the health of employees. These are short, convenient, and can be conducted in offices and work-sites. We can use these metrics to set a standard of reference for employee health status and assess changes over time.
Screening tests include taking data such as height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and blood cholesterol.



All of our workshops are available online via your preferred webinar packaged to enable you to provide wellbeing webinars to your global team, record sessions and reach employees with different working set ups, hours and preferences.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

We offer workshops to address both sustainability and environmental issues helping the team to feel part of the company’s charter and moving towards change towards a better world. We help to create a sense of collective action for the greater good.

Social Values

We work with your teams to look at how they can contribute towards to companies overall social values, from COVID 19 management to charitable work to assist the local communities.

We would very much like to hear from you. If you are interested in meeting with one of our specialists please fill in the below contact form and a member of our team will arrange a consultation.